Fucking My Mom

Because my behavior is basically the same as the embarrassing behavior of the news report. Fucking My Mom I forgot what my mother said, and it seems that whoever kissed her mother at the banquet or hugged a bit, and said a few words, moved to her mother.

Fucking My Mom My mother turned her head and looked at me behind her. She reached out and touched my sweaty cheek a few times, barely revealing a smile, but the love in her eyes was a kind of gentleness. . Fucking Mom I made a beautiful dream.

Chen Yang replied with some wonder. My cell phone took it back, I gently moved my head and released a gap from my mother's chest. Under the urging of curiosity, I struggled in my heart. Finally, I couldn’t resist it. I sneaked into the door of my mother’s room and looked at the room through the slits. I saw that my mother was sitting in front of the dressing table and wiped it. Long hair, it seems that just took a shower. My mother wore a low-cut and light-sleeve sleeveless blouse. A pair of pink arms were red and faintly hot. I could smell the ecstasy of my mother from the outside. The pink skin is like a drop. It’s tempting like water. Fucking My Mom For now, it seems worthwhile to wait for all this. For more Fucking My Mom articles, please visit: Son Fuck Mother